The Administrative Office of the Institute help the foreign students to get residency. In addition to help them in appropriate ,securing private housing and a lot of other services. Students who wish to study in Turkey, they have to come first to study the Turkish language at the Institute is recognized by the Turkish universities as Tomer Institute, After studying the language they get an appointment to apply for universities, which begins with the end of June ... Applying for universities and disciplines they want according to the germs in high school, The students must attend a student visa (student visa) so that they can here in Turkey from obtaining residency,  Where the student will not get a student without a Visa student on his passport, For a student visa from the Turkish Embassy in his country should be friendly acceptances at Tomer Institute or in Turkish universities. And can communicate with the office through e-mail request we registration procedures at the Language Centre and Office will send The necessary details and registration procedures and send papers acceptance you and go to Turkish Embassy in your country and obtained the student Visa.


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