SAT, foreign students wishing to study at universities in Turkey enters and applying to these universities use the results of an examination. SAT, SAT I and SAT II consists of two separate exams.
SAT I, or "SAT Reasoning Test" test in Reading (Reading), Math (Mathematics), and Writing (Writing) consists of three different parts. Aimed to measure students' knowledge in these areas.
 Each section of the SAT test minimum 200 and maximum 800 points. - SAT implementation of the applications in which the institution is responsible for the realization and the results announced?
SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) and the only institution responsible for all aspects of the College Board organization. accent American College, Tarsus - To enter SAT Is there any age limit? SAT to apply, or to take the exam there is no age limit for admission to universities.
 SAT how many times can be entered, is there any restrictions?
SAT to apply more than once or are no restrictions to enter the exam. Also to be entered more than one candidate SAT does not cause any change in the score. However SHEET score a maximum of 6 together with the latest test score score score and six subject may seem.
- SAT and undergraduate education in universities in Turkey can be an education outside? SAT is an exam for undergraduate study only. Turkey graduate (master's) or a doctor with any interest in the SAT foreign nationals who want to make available.
- SAT and other college entrance exams applied in Turkey YGS & LYS (OSS) Is there a similarity between? YGS & LYS (OSS) and the SAT college entrance exams conducted in Turkey have in common except that they are very limited. Main lines evaluated, the distribution of course, the question customs, types of questions, score calculation methods, college placement procedures are quite different from each other.
The area where the distinction between the current exams (SAY-EA-Songwriters), there is SAT determination university placements. SAT any candidate participating in a high school student-weighted area, finished high school grade point average, or have no effect on the type of rating compared to SAT.
However, in recent years, several major universities who apply to universities and placement processes by applying additional criteria, students admitted to the university on the acceptance of the candidate during the read-weighted area is known to take into consideration the type of grade point average or completed high school.
- SAT Who can apply? Who graduated from high school or 11th SAT 12 All students who participate in the classroom.
- What are the SAT and the tests and tutorials to answer these tests is known for how long? SAT I (Reasoning Test) consists of two parts, including numerical and verbal, verbal section is divided into two subgroups, including Reading and Writing. Quantitative section consists of the math test, and this test will be asked questions in mathematics, and geometry. Exam duration: 3 hours and 45 minutes. SAT II (Subject Tests), the biology, chemistry, physics, history, and in areas such as a 1-hour multiple choice test that measures your knowledge of.

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