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YÖS (Examination for Foreign Students): Every year many foreign students enter universities of Turkey.The Subjects are mathematics,geometry,and IQ....




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Tomer PROGRAM divided into three sections, BASIC Turkish, Middle Turkish and ADVANCED TURKISH programs.






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SAT program test format, question types, examination Techniques are provided. Our program includes verbal and essay sections.






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COURSES ALES to students who follow the course "group" instead of looking for each student "a student in the group a different character" perspective on education is a prerequisite of understanding. However, the Turkish education system..


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Students Services


The Administrative Office of the Institute help the foreign students to get residency. In addition to help them in appropriate ...






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Courses Price


Yöz Course ..... TL
Tömer Course ..... TL
Sat Course ..... TL
Ales Course ..... TL
TÜRKÇE Course ..... TL