Tomer, Turkey's Turkish for foreign nationals who want to learn the permission of the Ministry of Education established a Turkish Teaching Center. Turkish course combining lectures, specializing in teaching Turkish as a foreign language instructors and courses carried out by the Turkish, prepared by experts in the field of Education publications are utilized.
 Tomer Turkey's Turkish foreign nationals participating in classes courses course combining pre-registering, institution, they are given or sent to the "Letter of Acceptance" (Acceptance Letter) and Turkey Foreign Representative Offices referring to "Student Visa" receive and come to Turkey for the duration of the course "residence permit" (Residence Permit) may take.
 At the end of the course, the trainees who are successful in the Ministry of Education approved "Turkish Qualification Diploma" are entitled to receive.
• The course consists of 3 levels. Basic Turkish, Middle Turkish and Turkish forward.
• Intermediate level to join the beginner level, intermediate level to participate in the next level you need to be successful in
• TÖMER language teaching, the four basic language skills;
• Comprehension (Listening and Reading)
• Speaking (Conversation-Speaking Skills)
• Writing (Written Expression)
• the development of grammar is based on the weighted equally.
• grades 8-10, including weekends and weekdays groups, in a period of two months, starting Turkish (A1, A2), Middle Turkish (B1, B2), advanced Turkish (C1, C2) successful completion rates for training students successfully TÖMER are completed. Our training course combining a relaxed and friendly environment by creating a more efficient, try to limit the number of courses the student for processing. Education, special education is important for us to carry our character. Our goal is to get the most use and popularization of Turkish.

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