COURSES ALES to students who follow the course "group" instead of looking for each student "a student in the group a different character" perspective on education is a prerequisite of understanding. However, the Turkish education system, "mass education" taken based on the system serves students have become successful and unsuccessful students in the state has been overlooked.
This requirement is in line with the institution and class quotas. Training activities be carried out in order to be more effective and more efficient, not to exceed the quota of the generated classes. 5-10 persons quota classes created for this reason. .
Turkish and mathematic courses from the lower Ales training course is given. Description of the subject, as well as lessons are resolved questions. Description of these methods to the use of questions and issues with the consolidation of the student's course is provided in the best way. Given to students with additional resources immediately question marks about the questions they can not. Reached on this subject teachers are competent in the field of providing quality education to students both in the process and provide support.
 In the light of these variables, "NO STUDENTS FAIL; unreachable STUDENT IS" moving with the principle of course, to be successful, the learning of students eager to create a profile on behalf of the students to gain different perspectives, vision and goal setting to shed light on points, to act as a guide. Teaching process, applied to the model used for learning tools. In a systematic way of teaching, to be done in a way, a concrete indicator of the quality of our education.
• Numeric field for those who do not "Basic Preparatory Education"
• Low-Double Classrooms Training Approach
• Recognition Tests with individualized teaching model
• Expert Education Staff • 90% Success Rate
• Professional Counseling Service
• High quality, up to date, and support for various publications, 10 practice test
• Survey and Additional Course Availability
• Disciplined, dedicated and success-oriented education system,
INFORMATION ON ALES Institutions of higher education lecturer, instructor, research assistant, specialist, planner converter and staff of educational cadres live in the open or non-teaching staff assignments, graduate education in our country, upon arrival, the selection of candidates to be sent abroad for graduate school rankings, which will use the relevant institutions, in the year, in spring and fall during an examination.
 ALES, those who are expected to graduate in a degree program, graduates of the degree program shall have received a certificate of equivalence with those who studied abroad can apply for the license. ALES results are valid for a period of 3 years from the date of. The candidate can score again to raise the ALES. Use ALES score is higher than during the application. All graduate programs in higher education institutions, student selection and placement process using the results of this examination.
 Institutions of higher education lecturer, instructor, research assistant, specialist, converter, and education and training cadres live outside planner for appointment to positions in the open or ALES need to enter the teaching staff.
Points score of seventy out of a hundred species in the field are considered successful. In order to meet the needs of teaching staff in higher education institutions, post-graduate studies in the selection of candidates to be sent abroad to see the results of ALES are used. Some public institutions and organizations abroad, when post-graduate scholarships to students who will study the results of this examination can benefit.
Graduate degree in educational institutions abroad, candidates who apply themselves to see if they want the results of the examination made in our country, the result of this examination candidates may submit their documents to the institutions. Exam, including numerical and verbal consists of two parts. Candidates applied to a test of 160 questions. Both parts are given to candidates in a single booklet.

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